Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding - a Great Look for Your Home

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Vinyl siding stands up To the Elements

If you want siding that is durable, looks great, and is virtually maintenance free, vinyl siding is a great choice. Roofing Solutions will help you protect your home by installing durable vinyl siding made from PVC.  Vinyl siding not only stands up well to eastern North Carolina's rough weather, it also enhances the appearance of your home immeasurably. We can create the look you desire because vinyl siding is available in many different colors and styles. Durable vinyl siding stands up to wind and rain, and even fire. Keep your home safe by adding vinyl siding to your property’s exterior.

About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and its popularity and use in construction is growing. Why? It’s beautiful, durable, and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Vinyl siding can even be made to resemble wood or stone, giving your home a rich, distinctive appearance.

  • Magically Conceal Scratches

    Vinyl siding is also unmatched in its durability and quality. Scratches are rarely visible on PVC-constructed siding because the color carries all the way through the material, it's not just on the surface! Alos, scratched vinyl siding won't rust like aluminum will.

  • Vinyl Doesn't "Dent" like Alumium

    Vinyl is similar in many properties to aluminum, such as weight and density. However, unlike aluminum, vinyl does not dent.

  • Peak Performance in any Climate

    Resistance to extreme temperature is another beneficial feature of vinyl siding, which means it can be installed in nearly any climate.

  • Easy Upkeep

    While aluminum siding might take a long time to re-install if damaged, this is not the case with vinyl siding. Vinyl is relatively easy to install, especially when you have experienced professionals from Roofing Solutions on the task.


Why Vinyl vs other Siding Material?

Vinyl siding not only saves you the trouble of having to repaint your house every few years, but it's also less expensive than other siding options.

Vinyl siding is designed to be resistant to the punishing effects of weather, and because the color of the siding goes all the way through the material, it retains its rich color for years. Vinyl is also incredibly simple to keep clean with just some soap and water or a gentle solvent dispensed using a simple garden hose attachment.

Siding Installation & Repairs

Roofing Solutions offers efficient, reliable siding installation and repair. With substantial experience and numerous siding projects under our belt, we’ll manage any type of siding job, no matter the size and scope. If your siding is damaged in any way, fading, or malfunctioning, the siding specialists at Roofing Solutions will quickly mitigate damage, assess the problem, and fix it.


Roofing Solutions is the contractor-of-choice for high quality vinyl window systems. We’ve installed window systems throughout the Greenville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, New Bern, Tarboro, and Roanoke Rapids area. Count on our experience, honesty, and unsurpassed value. Contact us at 252-702-3395. 

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