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Not only do vinyl windows look great, they're energy-efficient and effectively insulate your home interior from noise. You’ll notice an immediate impact on your energy bills. Best of all, vinyl windows require little maintenance to keep them at full strength.

With Roofing Solutions, you get the finest vinyl window installation services in North Carolina. We install vinyl windows with full screens and child-resistant safety locks. Your Wilson, Rocky Mount, or Greenville, NC home will be fully beautified and protected. 

Signs That You Need Windows Replaced

  • 1. Damaged or Broken Windows:

    Sometimes windows can be fixed with a simple repair, but it's important to know when to replace windows versus repeated repairs. Consistently foggy windows, drafts, windows that won't stay open or stubbornly remain stuck in a closed position are signs that the life of your windows is reaching an end.

  • 2. High Utility Bills:

    Drafty windows can cause a significant increase in your year-round energy bills. Heat is unable to stay in and cool air is being released if your window isn't properly functioning. You can save between 10-25% on your energy bill with replacement windows.

  • 3. Renovate or Start from Scratch?

    If you're building a new home, you obviously will need windows! Call the team at Roofing Solutions to provide you with great quality installation services. If you plan on renovating your home, don't forget to give proper attention to your windows. Vinyl windows can offer a unique design that can pull the room together and bring in natural light.

Why You Should Consider Vinyl Windows

Common options you will find in window choices are aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Vinyl, compared to wood and aluminum, comes out on top in terms of energy efficiency, ease of installation, low maintenance, insulation, and durability. Vinyl is a superb insulator, meaning that hot or cold air is not conducted as easily through it, as compared to aluminum. This fact translates into big savings on your energy costs. 

While vinyl and wood are similar in their conductive properties, vinyl is easier to install and maintain. Unlike wood, vinyl windows do not easily chip, split, or crack, providing a markedly longer lifespan.


Roofing Solutions is the contractor-of-choice for high quality vinyl window systems. We’ve installed window systems throughout the Greenville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, New Bern, Tarboro, and Roanoke Rapids area. Count on our experience, honesty, and unsurpassed value. Contact us at 252-702-3395. 

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